Janette Ellen Evans Coplin, 84 years young, is a prolific self-taught artist from Paulding County, Ohio. Back in 2001, Janette walked into a McDonalds, saw the artwork on the wall and said, “If that's artwork, then anyone can do artwork.” She went home and started doing just that.

Many, many drawings later, and she’s ready to share the secrets of her work:

“I just put that pen in my hand, put that paper in front of me, and start. I don’t try. I say, ‘Do whatever you want to do buddy, you’re the pen! I hold you and you do the work.’”

When she finishes a piece, she might do a little housework, read her Bible a little bit, or practice the piano, but then she can go right back to work on her pictures.

“I never intended to do this, I just did it. I’m compelled. I don’t mean to do it, but the minute I take that old picture off, put it on the floor, and there’s a blank there… I start.”

Janette hopes to inspire you to create something from nothing. In her words, “You just have to start.” She hopes her artwork will inspire you to be yourself and to not try to copy anyone else.